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  by Jackson Katz

"Men need to read this book. Not only because it will make the world safer for women, but because it will free men to be their true selves. "
Eve Ensler | Author, "The Vagina Monologues "

"profound and vitally important"
Jean Kilbourne | Author, "Can't Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes
the Way We Think And Feel"

"This book leaves no man behind
when it comes to taking violence against women personally. "
Alfred L. McMichael, 14th Sgt. Mjr., Marine Corps and Sgt. Mjr., NATO

"honest, intellectually rigorous and insightful"
Rosalind Wiseman | Author, Queen Bees And Wannabees

  • September 17-19, 2007
    Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • October 2, 2007
    West Virginia Coalition Against DV, Charleston, WV
  • October 3, 2007
    Alabama Coalition Against DV, Birmingham, AL
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Dowload the PDF: 10 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence.



... The term “macho” carries multiple meanings, with both positive and negative connotations. For some Latinos, the positive characteristics of the Spanish word “macho” have been lost in mainstream English usage ...
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"Now that the book is out, we have the opportunity to prove wrong the conventional wisdom in publishing."
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Read a brief description of Jackson's premise for writing The Macho Paradox.
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  in the news:
  • Using a different approach to sexual violence prevention at "More Than a Few Good Men", a dinner discussion held in Collis Common Ground Tuesday evening, speaker Jackson Katz challenged men to tackle a problem that has historically and inaccurately, he attests, been designated as a women's issue ..."
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  • If you believe what you see in movies and on television, a "real man" should have the muscles of Jose Canseco, the humility of Terrell Owens, the patience of Russell Crowe and the self-control of Danny Bonaduce ..."
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  • Let's get real here. People are shocked that a Roseville high school girl was blackmailed into giving oral sex to a male student and several classmates and friends. People also are shocked that a 16-year-old runaway in St. Paul was held captive against her will for weeks, beaten, locked in a closet and forced to prostitute until she escaped. Disturbing? No doubt. Shocking? Come on now ...
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  The Macho Paradox, Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help
by Jackson Katz. Jackson is one of the leading Activists in the Gender Violence Prevention and Education field. read more
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